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Cutler Hammer Incom Driver Fact Sheet

Down load here (without a license it runs for 2 hours)


Pricing(Per SCADA node)

INC Driver with online documentation USD $ 1000
Email delivery + .PDF labels USD $   0
Shipping, CD delivered via YOUR courrier acc USD $   0

Driver Name: Cutler Hammer Incom Driver
Driver Code: INC
Device Mfr: Cutler Hammer
Last Update: 10/01/05 01:39:47 PM
Device Supported:
Mfr Device Comments
Cutler Hammer Emint  
  Mint Old Digitrips
  Eponi Eg, IQ Analyser, Digitrip


Interface Supported:
Interface at SCADA PC Side Comments
Any Ethernet card with TCP/IP, Or serial for MINT  


Command Supported:
Device Command Description Uses
  Standard buffers    


Protocol Supported:
Type Protocol  
Multi Drop  TCP/IP  



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