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YRK Driver Fact Sheet

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Driver Name: York Miac ISN Chiller Controller
Driver Code: YRK
Device Mfr: York Miac International
Last Update: 05/25/05 02:36:07 PM


Platform Version Type Media Available Comment
Win 95 6.00 COMM Disk 01/08/96   
WinNT 6.00 COMM Disk 01/08/96   


Device Supported:
Mfr Device Comments
York International ISN Chiller controllers Used in industrial & building Refrigeration plants built by York International


Interface Supported:
Interface Comments
Link interface unit With same firmware as for York FM software


Command Supported:
Hardware Commands Purpose
all Read & write ALL Feature, Section, Page Read/Write


Data Type:
Data Type Comments
Signed  To Use DWORD types you use signal conditioning in the Database


Protocol Supported:
Type Protocol  
Network  York FM Backround read
Baud Rates: 9600





Pricing (Per SCADA node)

CIU Driver diskette with online documentation   USD $ 800
Shipping   USD $ 80


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