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OPC Foundation, OPC Server, OPC 2.05a

Siemens,S7,Industrial Ethernet,ISO,H1,CP143,CP535,CP1340,CP343,CP443,Vipa,Adam,OPC,iFix,Dynamics,Citect,Wonderware,Intouch,Iconics,WinCC,factorylink,rs view,PCS7,S7-300,S7-400,Layer 4

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SIX Driver Revision History


Versions described:

The middle number "9" or "10" is the version of the proscada libraries used

The Third number is the version number relating to changes to Siemens functionality.

Last number is Minor changes including things like help file updates, installers etc

Version 7.10.56 (Latest release 2016)

Version 7.10.55 (Latest release 2012)

Version 7.10.54 (Latest release October 2009)

Version (Latest release November 2008)

Version (release Jan 2008)

Version (release August 2007)

Version (release May 2007)



Version 7.9.51

Version 6.9.46 


Version 6.9.45 


Version 6.9.44

Version 6.8.43

Version 6.7.43







WinNT 6.18 Network 01/03/98  
WinNT 6.19 Network Disk Solved problem with writing to CP1430 cards
WinNT 6.20 Network Disk Fixed problem with editing DB addresses in S7
WinNT 6.21 Network 03/06/1999
  • added Signal conditioning pick list for Dynamics

  • new Address format in S7 allows swapped byte words.

  • Fixed problem when reloading driver

  • Fixed problem with AR offsets & writes on S5 Float pollrecords.

WinNT 6.22 Network 10/06/99 Fixed problem long write blocks > 64 words
WinNT 6.23 Network 30/06/99 Added New S7 Signal conditionings PHEX, RHEX, S7A1, S7A2


6.25 Network 11/01/00 Fixed problem with TX blocks

WinNT4 , 

Win 2000

6.26 Network 18/05/00
  • Fixed problem with NLIN Signal conditioning on S7

  • Now runs under windows 2000

  • Added Support for the S7 "String" Data Structure in TX blocks

WinNT4,Win2000,XP 6.31 Network 11/06/2002 XP Version, fixed some reload problems
WinNT4,Win2000,XP 6.32 Network 30/06/2002 changes to the way writes occur TX blocks in particular, allowing any number of characters to be written
WinNT4,Win2000,XP 6.33 Network 30/06/2002 More changes to the way Writes occur, Aggregates more data into write
WinNT4,Win2000,XP 6.34 Network 30/05/2003 Small addition to Signal conditioning options
WinNT4,Win2000,XP 6.35 Network 11/06/2003 Improved Reload and Improved Installation & NIC card issues on Win2000
WinNT4,Win2000,XP 6.36 Network 01/08/2003 Removed some debug messages & added new SC to support TF1 driver DB imports
WinNT4,Win2000,XP 6.5.39 Network 09/09/2003 Totally new OPC version
WinNT4,Win2000,XP 6.5.41 Network 12/10/2003 Some bug fixes & improvements to write performance
WinNT4,Win2000,XP 6.6.42 Network Dec 2003 Improvements to OPC interface, some new Signal Conditioning options
WinNT4,Win2000,XP 6.7.43 Network Feb 2004 Improved debug info, Modified reload so PMON works, Now runs correctly when run as a service either by iFix or ihOPCCollector.EXE
WinNT4,Win2000,XP 6.8.43 Network Mar 2004 Improvements to the OPC server, no changes for FIX clients.
WinNT4,Win2000,XP 6.9.44 Network June 2004

many improvents, no bug fixes



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