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MBX Driver Fact Sheet

Latest Version Previous versions
MOdbus TCP  Driver Version 7.10.14 Version 7.10.13; Version 7.10.12; Version 7.10.10
ISO Install CD images CD V 7.10.14_1 CD V 7.10.10


Driver Name: Open Modbus Driver
Driver Code: MBX
Device Mfr:
Last Update: 08/22/07 10:24:32 PM







Win9x,NT4,2000,XP,2003 7.10.10 Serial & TCP/IP 01/08/2007  


Interface Supported:
Interface at SCADA PC Side Comments
Ethernet TCP/IP Open Modbus TCP


Command Supported:
Device Command Description Uses
  Read / Write     


Signal Conditioning:
Option Scaling Notes PLC
NLIN 0-65535 Interprets the value as "Unsigned" then scales to the rawrange. This SC is used for backward compatibility with older systems where Unsigned pollrecs were used with SC=LIN  
PROP user defined Scales user defined raw range entered in the HW-Options field to EGU range (Linear Scaling)

e.g. HW-opt=819:4095 for live zero 12 bit AD converter

ROOT user defined Scales user defined raw range entered in the HW-Options field to EGU range (Scaled porprotional to the square root of the raw range)  
S&M User configurable Shift & mask Shifts the word Right then ANDS the result with the mask. The parameters are stored in the HW-OPTIONS Field in the form SHIFT:MASK

S5 - This is useful for the T and C pollrecs where you would use

0:1023 to strip out the lower 10 bits

iFLT No Scaling Interpret 2 registers as Little Endian Float, same as TFLOAT  


Protocol Supported:
Type Protocol  
Multi Drop  Modbus Serial Ascii  
Multi Drop  Modbus RTU Serial  



Pricing(Per SCADA node)


MBX Driver diskette with online documentation USD $ 700
Shipping USD  


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