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KM4 Driver Suconet-K FAQ



Please see if you can find if there are any Intellution Drivers for SUCONET-K that support the Klockner Moeller EPC335 PC interface card ?


As far as I am aware KM Germany is standardising on FIX & they are suposed to supply the FIX (OR OPC) driver for this card.

That said however, I personally believe that the Serial driver is the better option in typical installations for the following reasons.

  1. Suconet-K is a Single Master & Slave(s) network. All KM devices have serial & Suconet-K ports. In a typical installation you have a lot of PLC-PLC comms which may be quite mission critical, So it is normally better to make one of the PLC's the Suconet master. Since you are programming the PLC's to get some IO PLC-PLC it is simple to get larger chunks from each PLC into master. What Better way to read the data from master -> SCADA than the serial driver ?.
  2. The serial driver is a lot cheaper.
  3. Some KM installations use both Suconet-K AND Profibus, If you had to support both in the SCADA this will get quite costly.
  4. You must understand that the network requirements of PLC IO & SCADA are quite different


Disadvantage of the serial driver

not a multi drop protocol, so you need 1 serial port per PLC.


Performance Example

While serial may not be fast, it is fast enough if you organise the data in the PLC properly.

In our example we have 1 master & 7 slaves = 8 PLC's (master may be one with a smaller less critical program, closer to the SCADA)

In the KM4 driver config we have

And voila you have a 2000 IO system updating @ 1 sec.!!

Note that the key to speed is packing as much IO as possible into the minimum pollrecords


Also See Tips on Optimising Most Drivers


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