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I87 Driver Fact Sheet

DownLoad Interoperability Definition for IEC 870-5-101 Protocol

Download IEC 870-5-103 Implementation Guidelines

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Latest Version Previous versions
IEC870-5-101 and 104 IO driver Version 7.10.29 Version 7.10.28; Version 7.10.27; Version 7.10.26
ISO Install CD images CD V 7.10.28 CD V 7.10.27
DownLoad Interoperability Definition for IEC 870-5-101 Protocol DownLoad Interoperability Definition for IEC 870-5-101 Protocol DownLoad Interoperability Definition for IEC 870-5-101 Protocol


Driver Name: IEC 870-5-101 & 104
Driver Code: I87
Device Mfr: none
Last Update: 08/13/07 11:24:58 PM


Platform Version Type Media Available Inventory ID

2003 Serv, Win 7, 2008 Serv

7.10.27 COMM, TCP/IP WEB 22/03/2011  

2003 Serv

7.9.23 COMM WEB 22/03/2006  


Device Supported:
Mfr Device Comments
ABB IEC RTU 's Any device supporting IEC870-5-101 or 104
Microsol Excel  
Reyrolle Relays IEC870-5-103
Alstom Micom  
Pleiger PMC 2000  
Siemens SIProtec IEC870-5-103
IST ERTU EC870-5-101


Interface Supported:
Interface Comments
Standard Serial Ports  Use any Multidrop capable bus eg. RS485, RS422, Fiber, radio modems


Protocol Options for IEC 870-5-101


Protocol Attribute Value
Physical Layer Balanced or Unbalanced V24 

(RS 232 PC Ports) upto 115200 kbd

Link Layer Adress 1 Octet
Max Link Frame length 255 bytes
Application layer Common address of ASDU One Or Two Octets
Information object address One Or Two or 3 Octets
Cause of transmission 1 Octet


Protocol Supported:
Type Protocol Comments
Multi Drop  IEC 870-5-101 Master The most common IEC protocol for telemetry applications
Multi Drop  IEC 870-5-103 Master The 103 profile is a more applications specific protocol for electrical protection equipment. Howver I believe that it is Inferior to the 101 profile even for these applications
Multi Drop IEC 870-5-101 Slave Passive RTU emulation



Pricing(Per SCADA Node)

I87 Driver CD with online documentation   USD $ 1200
Shipping   USD $ 80


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