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AKF Driver Fact Sheet

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Driver Name: ABB Kent K-Flow, flow controllers
Driver Code: AKF
Device Mfr: ABB
Last Update: 05/25/05 02:36:19 PM


Platform Version Type Media Available Comments
WinNT 6.00 COMM Disk 20/01/98   


Device Supported:
Mfr Device Comments
ABB ABB K-Flow controllers  


Interface Supported:
Interface Comments
Standard Serial Ports  Use with RS485 converters where necessary


Command Supported:
Device Command Description Uses
All Devices  Read / Write variables 1 to 255    


Protocol Supported:
Type Protocol  
Multi Drop  K-Flow 
Baud Rates: 300, 600, 1200, 4800


Comments: The driver supports the following data types Flow, Float, number, digital

Pricing (Per SCADA node)

AKF Drivers diskette USD $ 800.00
Shipping USD $ 80.00

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