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SPA Driver Fact Sheet

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Driver Name: ABB SPACOM for SPA Series Protection Equipment
Driver Code: SPA
Device Mfr: ABB
Last Update: 05/25/05 02:36:13 PM


Platform Version Type Media Available Comments
WinNT 6.04 COMM Disk 20/01/98 

The previous version 6.02 Does not work properly !!!


Device Supported:
Mfr Device Comments
ABB All SPA Devices eg, SPAM, SPAU, SPOC etc. Use SPA-ZC22 bus coupler


Interface Supported:
Interface Comments
Standard Serial Ports  All bus types supported by SPA-ZC22


Command Supported:
Device Command Description Uses
All Devices  Read / Write I,O,V,S Device specific


Data Type:
Data Type Comments
Float  Use floats for variables that have a decimal place
Unsigned  IFy you reqire signal conditioning use the Signed or Unsigned types


Protocol Supported:
Type Protocol  
Multi Drop  SPACOMM 
Baud Rates: 300, 600, 1200, 4800, 9600




From version 6.04 This driver Does support Serial Event recording. This is implemented by adding ODBC logging features to the driver. All remote time tagged events are stored to an ODBC data source. This means that the events can be stored to MS Access, or MS SQL Server or to Oracle for example.

Pricing (Per SCADA node)

SPA Drivers diskette (without serial event recording)   USD

$ 800.00

SPA Drivers diskette (with serial event recording)   USD

$ 1000.00

Shipping   USD

$ 80.00

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